Here their dreams come true.
treehouseAbout treehouse everyone is talking, including children. For them, the houses from the tree represents dreams, plans, privacy but perfect world for toys too. For us, the adults, these houses are wonderful oasis of relaxation, why not wish full loved ones.
The other day, in my walks through the woods, I saw such a house and suddenly, thoughts began to wander! No, not a child, but how can I have one too!
I had plan long ago to build a house somewhere in the mountains, where silence is something you want to see, not hear! So why not make one in a tree!
First of all you need space to be yours, your property or obviously to buy it! Later, you hire a professional who build your own house of after your idea adapted to the requirements of the forest! The platform is the most important, or it least that I found myself on So the platform will sustain all in the house. The house can be on several levels and equipped with everything you want.
I’m also attracted to the idea of wood, be it wood, from the bed to the table!
The Treehouse Workshop people can show you various plans and can guide you towards what you want. But as I said, if you are a good craftsman, you can build yourself such a treehouse following your own plans!
Here, as I am interested in passing by this house.
Today I’ll show you a treehouse, absolutely perfect, built of wood and equipped with everything you need.
And if you are a nature lover, this is what the treehouse gives to you:
– Clear view all around
– A night with a sky clearer than in city
– Intimate way
– Warm sun rays that penetrate more easily through the large windows
– Deck flooring resistant to adverse situations both winter and summer
– Scale accessible to all family members
– All utilities necessary for normal houses


House, although small, can be a big one with enough space for 6 persons at once. Built with precision, the treehouse plans are followed exactly as the architect said. Such a house can have up to 100 sqm.
The house can be constructed on several levels, and may also have a pool, even if you do not believe it! They can be placed very close to the river, so it is very nice in the morning to hear the murmur of water.
Think about how much room you can save on the ground, how ecological is that idea and especially the actual cost of the house, which is not very high. For those who do not really like the wood, the house can wear a lot of very resistant materials. You should try this kind of treehouse.

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