Orgasms are, in fact, anything but simple. They need a sophisticated dance of physical stimulation and response, and only when each and every piece of this complicated puzzle is in its place, you experience a satisfying stream of sensations. As the time passes, we get older and we lose some of the pieces of the puzzle, making it harder for us to achieve the orgasm.
Statistics show that almost 40% of women will get to experience a reduced libido, especially due to their hormones. But stress, relationship problems, personal issues, fatigue, anxiety, depression, alcohol or drugs are significant factors that may diminish the libido in both women and men.
hot_rawks1_4Hot Rawks is a natural supplement produced to improve libido in both women and men. Enhancing the sexual performance and increasing the sexual desire, Hot Rawks provides stronger and longer erections to men and improves the natural lubrications of women, increasing the pleasure and producing much more intense orgasms.
It is not always simple to get warmed and aroused after a difficult day at work or after taking care of your children. But with proper relaxation and some tricks, you can increase the sex drive and enjoy a healthy sexual life again.
Meditation and massage may assist you deal with the stressful situations that you go through. Because stress is one of the greatest enemies of libido, eliminating the stress will certainly make you feel better, therefore easier to get excited.
Certain foods are proven to offer a boost in bedroom. Include in your nutrition plan foods like broccoli, tomatoes, celery, watermelon, strawberries, chocolate, pomegranate, bananas, rhadiola, asparagus, halibut, garlic, walnuts or nutmeg and drink ginseng tea.
How do these foods work for your sex drive? First of all, they increase the blood flow, by relaxing the blood vessels. An adequate blood flow increases the erection and helps lubrication. Furthermore, the improved flow to erogenous areas supports the enhancement of arousal and pleasure.
Try chocolate-covered strawberries. Dark chocolate raises the dopamine levels, this pleasure chemical. The sugar boosts the energy levels and the bioflavonoids improve the blood flow, improving the libido and guaranteeing an enjoyable experience.
Ginseng is a natural alternative to Viagra, used to alleviate even impotency and sexual dysfunctions. Containing ginsenoside, ginseng enhances sperm count, raises sexual satisfaction, increases penile muscle relaxation and improves the blood flow, making it an amazing product for both women and men.
Celery increases the sexual attraction, bananas promote the production of testosterone and asparagus boosts the libido.
Eat these foods, relax and enjoy life’s pleasures. Many supplements are proved to raise the libido and intensify pleasure.
Hot Rawks contains natural ingredients that improves the erections and improve the natural lubrication. Raising the sex drive, Hot Rawks increases the sexual pleasure, improves the blood flow, stimulates the sensory nerves and elevates the sexual powers without producing any side effects.
Take Hot Rawks with your partner and enjoy having a refreshed, healthy sex life!