The concept of detoxifying the body comes from the idea that the harmful substances and toxins are constantly bombarding our organisms. Having potential dangerous effects on our health, toxins may come from many sources, including smog, pollution, alcohol, drugs, medications, caffeine, chemicals or pesticides from foods, artificial sweeteners or other substances included in the food items that we consume, but also from sugar and even impure water.

Livatrex is a dietary supplement with efficient herbs that cleanse the liver and promote a healthy metabolism. Containing only natural and organic herbs, Livatrex aids digestion and elimination of harmful substances from the body, raises the energy and vitality, supports breaking down fat, detoxifies fatty deposits and assists eliminating liver and gallbladder stones, supporting the overall body detoxification.

livatrexThe detox diets have increased in popularity, since a detoxification will clear the organism of accumulated poisons, it will support the weight loss process and it may even help the consumers look and feel younger.

Master cleanse diet, vineyard diet detox, liver cleanse diet, fat flush diet or raw food diet are only a few popular examples of nutrition plans that promote the detoxification of body and cleansing the organism of the toxins stored over time.

Many foods produce natural and healthy detoxification of the body. Cranberries, cabbage, basil, beets, artichokes, apples, asparagus, garlic, dandelions, ginger, lemons, turmeric, avocado, almonds, wheatgrass or onions are only a few food items that you should include in your nutrition plan if you wish to cleanse your liver of fatty deposits and naturally eliminate the toxins from your body.

Because all the toxic chemicals that enter in our organisms are controlled by liver, sometimes we overload it and therefore the liver will not function normally anymore. Liver plays a crucial role in our general health, so a dysfunctional liver may lead to multiple health issues: degenerative and cardiovascular conditions, constipation, fatigue, weight gain, frequent infections, liver and gallbladder stones, fluid retention, high blood pressure and many other disorders and diseases.

A healthy liver usually detoxifies itself, but due to our unhealthy eating habits, toxins, sugar and fats build up in liver and obstruct the routes of circulation and elimination. From time to time, a detoxification diet is mandatory, to restore a healthy balance and to allow our bodies to heal.

There are many methods and techniques to detoxify the body, solutions like pills, tablets, drastic diets, massages, baths and even colon irrigation. A daily routine of physical exercises, a healthy nutrition program and organic, less processed ingredients included in a dietary supplement will certainly promote a healthy and natural detoxification of the liver.

Livatrex cleanse the liver and assist digestion and elimination of toxins, detoxifies fatty deposits, raises the energy levels, assists control cravings for fatty foods and sugar, helps breaking down fat and assists a healthy weight loss process.

If you want to look and feel younger and healthier, detoxify your body with Livatrex and cleanse your organism of the dangerous toxins.