Stomach pain, bloating, cramps, acidity – these are the consequences of poor digestion.

digestinolWhat food should avoid

Some changes in eating habits have therefore normalize digestion. The first enemy of good digestion are fats – reduce consumption of meat, red meat, cheese and butter. Fat is digested slowly and remain in the stomach for a long time. Other foods such as cabbage, onions and beans ferment in the digestive system, causing bloating. Note also the foods that aggravate heartburn – dishes with sauce, chocolate, mint and citrus.

Eat fatty foods in moderation, opt for olive oil added after preparing raw food, eating fruits and vegetables according to what your body allows.

Drink water throughout the day

Maybe it has become a stereotype, but we really need to be healthy, and half a liter of fluid per day. They help the digestive system to function well. Water remains the most effective and appropriate. But you can drink the tea, vegetable soup and fruit juice, no added sugar, is the most suitable for that very little anasan acid. It is good to know that tea and coffee favors heartburn and gas producing carbonated drinks.

Experts recommend to drink liquids all day, but not before a meal, because dilute gastric secretions and no longer digest food.

Eat slowly

For a good digestion, eating slowly is essential. This allows you to chew your food well, facilitating the subsequent work of the digestive system and the risk of cramping. Nutritionists say we should give each dish about 15 minutes.


Many plants contain essential oils that come from eupeptic difficult digestions. This is especially the case caraway, fennel or anise plants responding aerophagia and abdominal bloating. Pineapple is also digestive action, like ginger and dandelion or an aromatic tonic often used in dyspepsia. Plants like artichokes, rosemary and black radish stimulates liver functions and facilitates digestion.

Limit alcohol and tobacco

Alcohol, tobacco and digestion are incompatible. Alcoholic promotes muscle relaxation that would normally stop gastric reflux. Also, the two increase the acidity of the stomach and secretion of gastric juices (any smoking). Cigarette reduce salivation, digestion is therefore affected.


Small walk after dinner is not just a legend. All physical activities, if not exhausting, promotes good bowel movement. That is why doctors recommend exercise for half an hour a day – gymnastics, cycling, swimming.

Neither too sweet nor too salty

As there is an optimum temperature, there is an optimal salt concentration for the body. Too concentrated salt solutions, the solutions too sweet syrups having a high sugar content not irritate the stomach. Therefore, too salty or too sweet food would stop for a long time in the stomach, causing it to secrete large amounts of gastric juice, which was diluted to a concentration acceptable.

While following these tips would be good to use Digestinol. It helps digestion, easy transit, help in treating certain diseases related to digestion.