Young men experiencing impotence only rarely, and if it occurs in youth, they are often based on some problems. After age 40, however, there are a number of physical factors that can lead to impotence: eg diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis. But an unhealthy lifestyle, improper eating, lack of exercise or smoking can cause erectile dysfunction. The problem is as old as the world and were born many myths and tales around the man’s lack of sexual vigor. It talks about food or substances that would help with this problem, asparagus or celery, oysters or powdered rhino horn, most often they restore vigor of imagination only. A healthy lifestyle will have a higher intake, as well as natural remedies that we present here.

prostacetHow can you prevent prostate enlargement.

A typical male is suffering prostate enlargement. After 50 years it can grow, reaching the size of a walnut to that of an apple. Urination becomes difficult. Perhaps the hormonal changes underlying this phenomenon. In case of more pronounced symptoms requiring a medical examination before you treat yourself. Many home remedies can be helpful in mild cases that do not require medical treatment or complementary medical treatment can be applied.

A satisfying sex life with nature

– Impotence often help better circulation in the pelvis – Ramsons is a good incentive. Take a handful of chopped wild garlic leaves and pour over them 1/2 l white wine. It heats up to the boiling point is reached. Then let it soak for a week and strain carefully. Stored in the dark and cools. Drink every night each quarter l

– Essential oils stimulate the sex drive. Take 2 drops of ginger oil, jojoba oil and black pepper, mix and massage them his coccyx and the inner thighs, but in no case genitals.

How intervene in prostate disorders.

– In many cases, changing the diet has proven effective. Eat less animal fat, drink a lot (but not tonight) and eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.

Wicker tea. Wicker its narrow leaves has a strong diuretic effect and ease in conditions of prostate, urination. Nettle and birch are also diuretics. Make a mixture of the following herbs: 30 g wicker, nettle leaves 20 g, 10 g and 10 g of birch leaves horsetail. Bring the water to a boil and scald the mixture (1/4 it 2 teaspoons plants). Let sit 10 minutes and strain. Drink 2-3 cups daily. It makes a course of 2-3 weeks. Not recommended sweeten the tea.

Soup for men. Stress and fatigue adversely affect potency. This soup will stimulate tired men. Wrap 1 celery root in aluminum foil and bake in the oven. To mix half a serving of celery with a little cream until it becomes a paste. Over this pour 1 cup of soup. Preheat steam and sprinkle with chopped watercress leaves, crushed pumpkin seeds, alfalfa sprouts, chopped lovage leaves and fresh tarragon. Soup for men has the gift to inspire fresh forces gentlemen tired due to the mixture, or the fortified plant. We recommend a course of it for 3 weeks. Soup will be consumed day by day.

Tea goldenrod. If a urinary tract inflammation recommend active substances. It heats a cup of boiling water 2 teaspoons goldenrod. Allow 10 minutes to infuse. Drink 2 cups daily.

Use Prostacet regularly and notice a decrease in prostate, better blood circulation. Prostacet is reducing visible, not only the prostate but it does not appear and thus prevented. Contains lycopene, which is very suitable for men.